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" I thought I had an excellent rate on my existing mortgage and was in good shape. But when I cam across this site I figured what do I have to lose? I talked to a representative and it turns out I was able to cut $450 off my monthly payments by refinancing, saving me thousands of dollars in interest... ".

- Jason Walker

There doesn't need to be a problem for you to improve your mortgage situation...

Now is the time to take advantage of historically low rates and great new programs. Knowing your options can potentially save you thousands of dollars! Inquire now before it's too late.

Traditional mortgage representatives are trained to determine the eligibility of a customer for a particular program.  Their approach, while noble in its intent, is solely focused on getting the borrower approved. We believe it is important to go that extra mile to truly inform our customers about the various options available to them. Finding the program that best suits you is always our number one priority.

Owe more than your house is worth?

Many Americans these days are "underwater" on their mortgage, meaning their existing loan amount exceeds the appraised value of the home. There are several options for those in this situation.

Depending on your existing mortgage, you may still qualify to refinance even if you are underwater on your current mortgage. Those who have a mortgage backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac may qualify for the Obama 2.0 HARP (Home Affordable Refinance Program). If you have an existing FHA mortgage you could potentially refinance via the FHA Streamline program. There is even a program designed to help homeowners make improvements to their homes, this is known as the 203k Rehab program. Speak to a representative to find out more about these programs and their requirements.

We will show you how to save money

Everybody's financial situation is different; we don't only understand this, we embrace this. Finding the right program for you is all that matters. What works for one may not make sense for another.

As your mortgage representative, we understand we must take our role very seriously as our advise directly affects the well being of you and your family. We recognize that the majority of the population has significantly more debt than liquid assets. By using specific tactics and strategies we can harness the power of your mortgage to work for you. Our goal is to implement a plan that not only optimizes both your assets and cash flow, but simultaneously has an overall positive impact on your net worth.